UPDATE: Northcliff stands together amidst tragedy

Members of the police outside the abducted family’s home.

The Northcliff community has never been as close as it is now that tragedy has struck three of their own.

The O’Brien Avenue family who were kidnapped from their home has brought the community together.

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After hearing the news of the abduction, the community got together at a small shopping complex opposite the home to support the family during their time of need.

A fire basket, firewood, coffee and pancakes were all brought to the makeshift venue for those awaiting news from the police.

Remaining members of the Northcliff community stand huddled around the sponsored fire basket.


This generosity was extended to police as well by a Northcliff family who left behind another fire basket which police shared with remaining community members.

In addition to snacks provided to residents, the family’s dogs were fed dog treats over the home’s wall since it has been cordoned off and declared a crime scene by police.

Blankets, bottled water and snacks given by the community to waiting family members, close friends and bystanders.

Community members were still outside the family’s home until late last night, huddled around a fire covered in blankets residents brought to beat the cold.

WATCH: Community members awaiting news from police

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