Westdene resident falls victim to driveway robbery

A driveway robbery occurred in Arundel Road in Westdene.

A Westdene resident reported that he was held up at gunpoint by a group of suspects while he was parked in his driveway on Arundal Road.

According to Dauw Steyn, chairperson of the Sophiatown Neighbourhood Watch, the victim was accosted by five or six men just before 5pm on 31 May.

Steyn said, “Reports indicated that the men were all wearing balaclavas and drove a blueish Hyundai SUV.”

Warrant Officer TJ de Bruyn, spokesperson for the Sophiatown Police Station says he cannot confirm if a driveway robbery was linked to the Rolex Gang.

Warrant Officer TJ de Bruyn, spokesperson for Sophiatown Police Station confirmed that the incident was a driveway robbery, not a house robbery as was previously published.

He said the victim was in his car in the driveway when the robbers stole his cellphone and a licensed firearm and demanded the keys to his home.

His family inside the house realised what was happening and began to make a commotion by shouting. For their safety, the victim indicated to them that they must remain in the house, and it seems the noise the family made scared the robbers off.

Steyn added that the victim’s Rolex was stolen.

The Northcliff Melville Times enquired whether the men were linked to the Rolex Gang, however, De Bruyn said he could not confirm that. He said only an investigation will tell.

Details: Sophiatown Police Station 011 670 6300.

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