Radford House in Fairland shows big hearts for an even bigger cause

Schoolchildren and teachers deliver goods to the Caxton offices.

Radford House in Fairland donated a plethora of items to the victims of the Knysna fires.
A bus load of donations, from household goods, food items and clothing, were dropped off at the Caxton Greater Joburg North Weltevreden Park office by a few schoolchildren and teachers.

Schoolchildren help offload the items from the truck.

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Grade 4 teacher Nicola Killops, who runs the school’s Facebook page, took the initiative to ask Facebook followers and families to donate items and support the good cause.
The excited youngsters were happy to see exactly how much they along with the community were able to collect and eagerly carried the load from the bus into the office.

It is a group effort to unload the vehicle.

“I thought it was a great idea to use the platform we have to receive donations for the poor victims that are suffering so terribly in Knysna,” said Killops.

Her plea went out to the school’s network and the surrounding community and within two days, Killops’ classroom was full to the brim with contributions.
The schoolchildren learned a valuable lesson in giving and helping others.

The excited Grade 4s are happy to help others.

“They were able to see that giving is not just about receiving applause but that it is the right thing to do.”
The donated items will be delivered to the victims in Knysna soon.

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