Take precaution by registering your workers

Fairland Comunity Police Forum member Louis Breckenridge is an active member in his community.

With a number of reported cases involving workers in residential areas, the Fairland Community Police Forum urged residents to register their workers at the police station.

The forum secretary manager, Mahmood Cassim said the matter involving registering workers such as domestic workers was discussed at the last meeting.

“We discovered that there is an increase in house robberies involving domestic workers. A resident reported an incident in April involving a domestic worker who was involved in robbing a family. The only information the family had was her cellphone number, which was later disconnected and she was untraceable. Residents can register their workers at the police station for R90 to R95,” said Cassim.

He added that the police require residents to come in to the station with their worker and relevant identification documents, including passports. By registering workers, police are able to check the system for criminal records and will be permanently registered for future reference.

The forum hosts meetings every second Tuesday of every month.

“We welcome everyone to the meetings. The Fairland precinct has one of the lowest crime statics in the city,” said Cassim.

Forum member Louis Breckenridge has been a Northcliff resident for 57 years and said it is important for people be careful when employing a domestic worker and urged residents to be aware of the possible dangers that lurk in hiring people.

“When people are employed in corporate positions, they are required to produce documentation. Why can’t the same be done in the case for hiring domestic workers,” said Breckenridge.

Details: Fairland Community Police Forum 011 478 9413/4.


Naledi Mokoena

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