South Africa get ready for mqwaito

Seed sings Amagwala behind the mic in Don Dada's Northcliff home studio.


Somila Mejane (28) popularly known as Seed Under is a female rapper based in Northcliff and she plans to bring kwaito back to the South African music scene.

With the South African music scene becoming more and more competitive, innovation is the name of the game for upcoming artists. Mejane is trying to secure her spot on the charts by merging kwaito with genres such as hip-hop and reggae to make what she calls mqwaito.

Seed sings Amagwala behind the mic in Don Dada’s Northcliff home studio.

She works closely with another upcoming artist, Don Dada and has featured on Dada’s first studio album, Avant Garde.

You can find Mejane’s music on Caller Tunes on MTN and Vodacom.

Mejane has not yet released a full studio album but is working towards it while recording singles.

WATCH Seed Under in studio recording

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