Seven crimes in seven days

Housebreaking is the most frequent crime reported to the Sophiatown Neighbourhood Watch in Westdene and Sophiatown areas over the last while. Photo:

The Sophiatown Neighbourhood Watch is calling for unity after a recent wave of crime in Westdene and Sophiatown.

In the space of a week (21 to 27 June), the two areas were hit by crime nearly seven days in a row with 22 and 25 June being the two exceptions.

The crimes ranged from street robberies to a vehicle theft. Seven incidents occurred of which housebreaking was the most frequent.

“Sophiatown Neighbourhood Watch has noted with concern the ever increasing crime in the Sophiatown and Westdene suburbs,” Dauw Steyn, chairperson for the neighbourhood watch said.

Steyn explained that the watch’s patrollers are doing their utmost to keep the area secure.

While the crime reports are rolling in, the neighbourhood watch is particularly concerned about the number of unreported cases.

“50 percent – if not more – of crimes do not get reported and this mainly because residents have lost faith in the police and the justice system,” Steyn explained.

The neighbourhood watch is calling on the Sophiatown Police Station to have more stop and search operations and in general, more active patrolling.

“We are well aware of the manpower shortage at Sophiatown police and therefore we as community members took up this battle to make our suburb safer,” Steyn said.

The neighbourhood watch is also calling for more involvement from the Metro police to address smaller crimes and bylaw infringements.

“We know and acknowledge the success by Sophiatown police in arrests made and commend the dedicated members that give it their all,” Steyn acknowledged.

He also urged community members to report all cases, big or small, and should problems come up regarding opening a case, they can contact the neighbourhood watch.

Community members can contact the neighbourhood watch on 063 530 5746. Additionally, residents can send a WhatsApp to the number and be added to the neighbourhood watch group.


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