Take preventative measures to avoid crime in your area

There are varies ways residents can ensure their safety when staff members are working on a property.


A family escaped a robbery unharmed after four armed men entered their home. The incident took place on 28 June in a matter of minutes and was captured on video.

A security company was called to the scene by a domestic worker, who alerted her employer to call their security company.

Suburban Crime Prevention director, Clive Maher said their security vehicle responded to the call on Mendelssohn Road and arrived as the suspects were leaving. The security unit arrived before the Sophiatown police.

“A chase ensued around the area. Unfortunately, the suspects’ Mercedes-Benz was travelling recklessly and we lost them at the Engen Garage along Milner Avenue in heavy traffic,” said Maher.

Suburban Crime Prevention director, Clive Maher offers residents useful tips on how to prevent crime related incidents in their communities.

He added that, from time to time, these robberies do occur but can be avoided. He said residents should ensure their gates are closed and anti-theft brackets are fitted to their gates. He also reminded people to activate their alarms and make use of panic buttons.

“Residents must not be looking out for old scrap cars but rather [be aware of] the latest Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Fortuner models. Criminals use the best cars to scope the areas so as to blend in. More often than not they are opportunistic and drive around the targeted area waiting for the weakest link to arise,” said Maher.

He offers the following tips for residents:

  • Do not leave your gates open
  • Keep your panic buttons nearby or on you
  • Notify your security company of any building taking place on your property
  • Make sure your domestic worker has a panic button.

Meanwhile Sophiatown spokesperson, Warrant Officer TJ de Bruyn said a case of robbery was opened at the Sophiatown Police Station and is still under investigation.

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