MUST READ: Woman raped by two men in JMPD uniform

A female motorist was allegedly held at gunpoint on 14th Avenue near Northcliff by two men in Metro police uniforms on 5 July.
The case is being investigated by three investigative authorities.
A family member of the victim took to Facebook warning female drivers to be vigilant when being pulled over.
In her post, she explained that the victim was allegedly asked to produce her driver’s licence and after following the instruction, one of the men took out a gun and pointed it at her head.
Later, she was allegedly frisked at gunpoint and was forced into the bushes near Reddford House, Northcliff where she was repeatedly raped.
The incident was reported to the Fairland Police Station, however, it was then handed over to the Florida Police Station as the alleged rape took place just outside the Fairland policing jurisdiction.
Captain Lydia Dikomela, spokesperson for the Florida Police Station confirmed that the incident was being investigated at her station. She could not give any more details given that the men were allegedly in Metro police uniforms.
Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, Metro police spokesperson, confirmed the matter was being investigated by the police, the Metro police as well as the Independent Police Investigative Directorate.
The condition of the victim is currently unknown and no arrests have been made as yet.
Meanwhile, last month, another serious crime was attempted in the same area when a Reddford House parent was targeted by would-be hijackers at the school and fortunately got away in time.
When the Northcliff Melville Times reported on the attempted hijacking, the school’s managing director revealed that two more hijackings took place on the same day on 14th Avenue. The school has since cautioned parents to be vigilant at all times.

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