Elderly woman (77) left stranded after car theft

Myrtle Dittberner (77) sits with all her documentation on her stolen car she's had since 1996.

An elderly woman was victim to a car theft outside a grocery store and has since been left stranded without her car.
Myrtle Dittberner (77) finished her grocery shopping on the afternoon of 8 July but went back into the store after forgetting a few items. When she returned, her car was gone.

Dittberner said the store’s management called the police so she could report the incident. She was left stranded at the store and had to call a neighbour to pick her up.
When the Northcliff Melville Times asked Dittberner if she had noticed any suspicious cars or behaviour from people where she was parked, she said a car had been parked in front of hers.

“The door of the car in front of mine was open,” she said. “There was a man sitting in the car and another man standing next to the door. I think they had something to do with it. I wasn’t gone a long time and when I got back my car and theirs was gone.

“When I left my car the second time I didn’t even pay any attention to the colour, type or number plate of the car.”

The former German school teacher has no money to finance another one. She has had her car since 1996 and would appreciate if members of the public would report sightings of her stolen car to the Parkview Police Station.
The car has also been reported stolen on www.reportacrime.co.za 


Myrtle Dittberner’s stolen car.

Description of the car: Greenish blue metallic Toyota Camry, registration FGM 215 GP
Defining features: Dent at the back of the car, Two new front tyres, cover on driver’s seat.

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