Goosebumps and chills at the Polar Bear Swim

Schoolchildren have fun in the water during the Polar Bear Swim. Photo: Supplied

Schoolchildren of Auckland Park Preparatory School proved they are as tough as polar bears at a fundraising swim.

The school’s Polar Bear Swim saw girls from Grade 0 to 7 brave the cold pool water in the middle of winter to swim lengths and raise funds for a school event.
One of the school’s teachers, Chrizelle van Rooyen said the idea to host the event came up when the school was looking for a new way to raise funds during winter.

Auckland Park Preparatory School Grade 6’s Tessa Brugman, Megan Porter, Amber Aspoas and Mia Babaya brave the winter water. Photo: Supplied


“The funds will be used for the Grade 7 farewell at the end of the year, which is a celebratory event with a party for our Grade 7 girls as they leave to go to high school,” she added. “Other fundraisers from the Grade 7 farewell include fun low key activities like Pyjama Day and Grade 6 cake sales which take place at the school.”

A few teachers and parents were also brave enough to take part in the swim. The school’s principal Brenda Howden broke the ice and was the first one in.
“There was no preparation needed, the most challenging part was the cold water and having the courage to get in,” said Van Rooyen. “The girls were up for the challenge, both younger and older girls had enormous fun, whether they swam or kicked their feet in the water.”

The school’s open day will take place on 6 October from 10am till 12pm. This date is also the school’s birthday which is celebrated with a magnificent flower festival and all the girls make various flower arrangements with different themes.

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