A silver lining for a dog who was dumped in Westdene

Michelle Wecke holds Charlie and Ricky.


One of the most sought-after abandoned dogs this year has finally moved to a new home.

A resident opened her heart and home to a Jack Russell who was dumped in front of a resident’s home.


Westdene resident Selwyn Storer said he noticed a car pull up in front of his home when he was sitting with his family having lunch. He witnessed children get out of a car which shortly sped off. It was only after further investigation that Storer realised they had dropped off a dog.

“I then took the dog into our property, traced the CCTV footage and saw what had happened. I was pretty shocked. We kept the dog overnight but unfortunately we could not keep the dog because we also have other dogs,” explained Storer.

He said the next day he took the dog to the vet to check for a chip but the dog did not have one. The veterinary then took dog to the Animal Anti Cruelty League (ACCL). The same day the footage was posted on Facebook and had hundreds of thousands of views.



The video was viewed more than 300 000 times on Youtube and created concern among the public for the dogs well-being.

Michelle Wecke was one of the many people who watched the footage and it immediately evoked sympathy within her heart. She decided to contact the dog shelter to inquire about the dog and was chosen as the first in line to adopt the dog.

“I cannot stand people who abandon animals, it just tears me to pieces. This is the first time I’ve adopted pets specifically from the Anti Cruelty League, although I also adopted my gran’s dogs too. I went onto the organisation’s website and saw a dog without a leg, I immediately also wanted to adopt him because he is so cute,” said Wecke.

The dog was welcomed into his new home on 11 July and named Charlie. His new sibling from the same shelter was named Ricky. All four dogs get along with each other in a home filled with love.

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Naledi Mokoena

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