Ward councillor solves issues

The broken boundary wall leads into the Delta Substation.

Ward 102 councillor, David Potter was part of a team of officials who held a site meeting at Delta Substation situated along Republic Road.

The meeting addressed the damaged wall, displaced persons, vegetation and illegal dumping.

Potter said officials from City Power, Eskom, Pikitup, Metro police and his office attended the meeting.

Both Eskom and City Power have assets on the property. “The land in question is that of City Power,” explained Potter. Adding that the illegal dumping cannot be stopped until the metal barriers are extended.

“The metal barrier project was never completed when it was initiated, estimated to around 2009/2010,” said Potter. The installation of the metal barriers was during the political term of office ending 2011. He further explained that each ward received an allocation of funding for ward-related projects.

“During that term, the installation of the barriers was the project of the then ward councillor. This ward project budget is no longer in place and has not been since 2011.” The site poses no real danger to motorists and is a servitude of City Power. “The Johannesburg Roads Agency has no real interest in extending the barrier.”

He said in recent weeks, the boundary wall had been broken due to the necessary removal of the illegal dumping and displaced persons who had moved into the servitude under the high voltage power lines.

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Neo Phashe

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