Dowling Avenue Primary School and Readers R Leaders host a writing competition

Keziah Trenton, Joshua Borain and Muhammed Nortje during the writing competition launch. Photo: Supplied

Dowling Avenue Primary School in Westburg hosted its own writing competition through Readers R Leaders.

Readers R Leaders founder, Cyril Turton said the community-based competition takes place in Westbury, Newclare, Coronationville and Bosmont.

The launch took place for the first time at the school for children in Grade 3 to 5 on 24 July.

“Learners participated by writing their stories and submitting it to Readers R Leaders. This is the first time we hosted the competition at a school and hope to replicate it at other schools.

“The intention is to have one big competition in communities where all primary schools participate for one grand prize,” said Turton.

Joshua Borain encourages schoolchildren to read through the programme. Photo: Supplied.

He believes it is important for children to spread a culture of reading and to develop a long-term positive relationship with books. The organisation also believes that through instilling the culture of reading, they can contribute ultimately to increasing the level of education in communities.


Joshua Borain and Cyril Turton hold the Readers R Leaders entry box. Photo: Supplied

“The work our organisation does is assisting to improve English reading, operating book clubs, helping school libraries, arranging motivational talks and spreading a culture of reading.

“Through the writing competition we will hopefully work towards cultivating a life–long love of reading and writing.”

Turton hopes it will lead to children wanting to publish their writing, as some children in the country have done so already.

“Help us spread a culture of reading by volunteering your time at the schools we work at. Contribute new and good used books suitable for primary school learners to Readers R Leaders.”

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