Crime prevention tips to keep you safe

The Parkview police offer the community useful tips concerning their safety. Photo: Supplied.

The Parkview police and Community Policing Forum encourage residents to take precautions to avoid car theft and housebreaking incidents in the area.

Parkview police communications officer Captain Tintswalo Sibeko said it was essential for motorists to ensure their vehicles were locked and the alarm system’s activated, even if they would be away from their vehicles for a few minutes.

She offered the following tips:

  • Never leave valuables such as jewellery, laptops, cellphones or handbags unattended. It’s important to keep valuables in sight
  • Make sure the alarm is audible which activates as soon as the door or window is opened and broken. This attracts attention which a criminal avoids
  • Never leave your car unlocked, even for a few minutes
  • Always make an effort to park behind a locked gate. Avoid parking the vehicle on the street or in the driveway as thieves always see this as an opportunity to break into the car
  • The quicker a stolen vehicle is reported the better chance of recovery.

When it comes to housebreaking, Tintswalo encouraged residents to take precautionary measures to avoid criminals gaining entry into their homes.

She offered the following tips:

  • Activate your alarm
  • Ensure bathroom windows are closed at night and when leaving home
  • If you have a double-storey house, ensure that there can be no access to the upper rooms through nearby branches of a large tree
  • Avoid growing large shrubs and trees at your home’s entrance that can be used as a hiding place for criminals
  • Beware of criminals in overalls posing as builders, electricians and other tradesmen who trick domestic workers into opening the gate. They often drive around in a bakkie with a ladder
  • Encourage your staff not to allow people onto the property who you have not permitted.

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