Westdene vandals target fibre boxes

One of the four vandalised boxes on Perth Road.

After digging up sidewalks and laying down of cables, Westdene was certified as fibre ready, however, all the effort put into getting the area high-speed fibre has unfortunately been disregarded by vandals.

One of the four vandalised boxes on Perth Road.

On Perth Road, the main road which runs between Westdene and Rossmore, four fibre boxes were damaged by vandals. Of the four, three were completely broken while the damage on one seems to only be external.

The incident has since been reported to Vumatel by the Westdene and Sophiatown Residents’ Association. Although there are cameras on Perth Road, none of the cameras recorded footage of the incident.


Two of the four vandalised boxes on Perth Road, one of which seems as though it only has superficial damages.

When the Northcliff Melville Times spoke to the company, they said vandalism has never been a problem. The company stated that they, however, have maintenance teams which are able to assist communities with these kinds of incidents.

Vumatel said residents can report vandalism or any other damages to fibre boxes for their maintenance team to restore.


How Vumatel has been installing fibre:

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Details: To report damaged fibre boxes, residents can call 086 100 8862 or email [email protected]

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