After numerous maintenance issues, Albertskroon’s pool is finally open

Dougie Middleton, project leader for repairs and maintenance of pools, Elman Phillips, operations manager of Region B Aquatics, Kathy Parker, Region B Aquatics manager, and Ward 86 councillor Philip Kruger at the Ochse Square municipal pool.

Ocshe Square municipal swimming pool has opened its doors again.

On 8 September, the pool, infamous for being closed due to maintenance issues every year, finally opened and the City of Johannesburg believes it is for good. This is because the decades-old filtration drums have finally been replaced.

Eight new filtration drums were installed at Ocshe Square municipal pool.

Although the pool, along with most other municipal pools, was supposed to open on 1 September, Dougie Middleton, project leader for repairs and maintenance of pools said this was not possible because the City still had to procure new filtration drums.


The Ochse Square municipal pool in Alberstkroon gets finishing touches before it opens.

The pool has been closed since late December and maintenance of the pool has been a concern for a number of years. The City expected the pool to open before the end of this year, but within two months after the MMC for Community Development, Nonhlanhla Sifumba, paid a visit, it opened.

The City of Johannesburg prioritised the pool to be fixed in its new budget.


The bathrooms of Ocshe Square municipal swimming pool has been upgraded.

Ward 86 councillor, Philip Kruger, said about R500 000 was made available to upgrade and fix the pool.

A wheelchair ramp was installed, the roof fixed, the bathrooms tiled and the baby pool was retiled. Finally, the eight new drums, valued at about R25 000 each were installed.

Residents can now visit the pool free of charge.


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Chantelle Fourie
Metro Reporter

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