Think twice before lying to the police

Police warn residents not to report bogus crimes or they could face charges. Photo: File

The Brixton police are sick and tired of people reporting false cases.

Spokesperson for the station, Jeanette Backhoff, said members of the public need to be aware that it is a criminal offence to report bogus crimes. Backhoff warned the public if the police find that a case is bogus, a counter case of perjury will be opened which could lead to a jail term.

The warning comes after it was brought to the attention of investigating officers at the station that many bogus cases are reported on a daily basis.

“The cases are mostly opened for insurance purposes,” Backhoff said.

She explained that there is a correlation between bogus cases and serious crimes such as hijackings, theft of vehicles and theft out of motor vehicles.

It is not only residents with cars and homes reporting bogus crimes to claim back insurance money.

Backhoff explained that students are also a contributing factor. She said some students misplace or forget expensive belongings and instead of taking responsibility for it, they open theft cases.

Backhoff said in these particular cases, an incident report can be opened instead. A report number is subsequently issued for the case.

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