Let’s be kind to one another

Even though being kind to others should already be an involuntary gesture, World Kindness Day on 13 November gives even more reason to be kind.

According to TimeandDate.com, the day was created in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, a conglomeration of kindness organisations around the world.

The unofficial holiday aims to encourage people to be kind to each other and spread happiness, joy and peace.

The following tips were provided by TimeandDate.com:

  • Be kind and do random acts of kindness
  • Smile at strangers and do kind things for them
  • Give up your seat on the bus to someone else.
  • Buy someone’s coffee for them
  • Volunteer your time at the local soup kitchen
  • Leave a kind note for someone
  • Kindness should not only be reserved for our fellow human beings
  • Be kind to the animals and to the environment as well
  • If you have children in your life, teach them the virtue of kindness by practising it in your daily life.
Neo Phashe

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