How to survive wet roads

As the wet weather continues, driving conditions will be a bit more difficult. Photo: Pixabay

The worst part of the seasonal summer rains is the chaos it creates on the roads.

Roads become more dangerous, visibility is reduced and accidents are more likely to occur.

The Automobile Association has urged motorists to drive with more caution as the wet weather persists.

The association provided the following tips: 

  • Ensure your headlights and brake lights are working
  • Turn on your headlights during rainy weather. This will alert other drivers to your presence on the road
  • Ensure your windscreen and wipers are in good working condition
  • Check that your tyres are in good shape to handle the slippery roads
  • Avoid speeding and always keep a safe following distance
  • Don’t cross low-lying bridges even if you think your car can make it. Rather use another route to and from home and work
  • Avoid areas where there are known to be adverse conditions after heavy rains
  • Adjust your speed for the condition of the road. Just because a road is marked at 120km does not mean it is safe to travel at this speed in all conditions
  • Focus on the road, driving and cars around you. Do not attend to your electronic devices.

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