TRY EASY ELECTRICAL Electrical Fault Finding & Maintenance Airconditioners & service Service of DB Boards Service of UPS & Generators Accredited Electrical Training Contact: 011‑475‑0721/ 078‑812‑8334 [email protected] www.teeselectrical.co.za - ML026547

ELECTRIC & PLUMBING All work done quickly & cheaply! 0861‑20‑40-40 0861‑44‑40-40 24 HOURS, ALL AREAS - ML026553

ABAC ELECTRICAL Same day certificates, new installations, repairs to stoves, electrical faults, generators and power tripping. Bothwell 079‑549‑5134 - MS072107

AC QUICK ELECRICAL We do Board Tripping No Power No Hot Water All electrical work COC All plumbing No fee 011-440 5408 072152-5300 - FW002744