Gardener Employment Wanted

ANDREW a Malawian with work permit and 8 yrs gardening and house work exp, seeks part-time job. He`s honest, hardworker and works without supervision. Has contactable and detailed references. Direct 078‑993‑0321 - SI057652

HAPPY (MWN) seeks gardening/ houseman/ painter work full/ part-time with accom. Ref 063‑839‑5180. Direct 083‑569‑4577 - SI057626

Experienced young Malawian handyman, houseman, gardener with reference, papers, good with pets seeks part-time job Tuesday and Thursday, or one to work for a room. To start ASAP. Hardworker, no attitude. Ref Teresa 078-019 -8448/ Gary 078‑019‑8448. Direct 081‑098‑4185 - SI057627

My hardworking, honest Malawian gardener WAYSON with experience is looking for work Thursday and Saturday. Ref 084‑806‑9387. Direct 078‑568‑3331 - SI057644

MIKE (MWN) honest, hardworker seeks gardening work Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun. Direct 063‑525‑4572 - SI057617

ZEBRON (MWN) with 8 yrs experience, hardworking, reliable, trustworthy, unsupervised gardener is looking for work Monday and Saturday. Ref Jeanine 083‑708‑3357. Zebron 073‑784‑4650 - SI057618

DANISO DANIEL (MWN) seeks gardening/ painter work part-time Monday, Thursday. Ref 082‑650‑6845. Direct 073‑170‑2507 - SI057621

YOTAM (MWN) seeks gardening/ houseman/ office cleaner work part/ full-time with accom. Ref and CV 082‑551‑ 9695 Calvin . 073‑255‑5362 / 064‑494‑1005 - SI057623

DAVID (MWN) seeks gardening/ houseman work full/ part-time Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat with accom. Direct 083‑740‑4795 - SI057625

DUE TO RE-LOCATING TO CAPE TOWN My hardworking, honest, trusted HAPPY (MWN) with permit is looking for domestic work Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. He is extremely well spoken and neat, works without supervision and loves children and pets. Anyone looking for reliable and good quality help please do not hesitate to call Chris on 082‑551‑4592. Happy direct 078‑951‑1685 - SI057588

JACOB (MWN) hardworking, reliable seks gardening work part-time Wed, Thur. Ref 082‑440‑8663. Direct 062‑266‑1073 - SI057601

STEVE (MWN) hardworking, reliable seeks gardening/ painting work Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun. Direct 062‑205‑2082 - SI057605

ALBERT (MWN) 6 yrs exp seeks gardening/ painter/ houseman work Tues, Fri, Sat. Ref 076‑495‑0080 Henri / 072‑734‑9390 Lee. Direct 063‑555‑2550 - SI057612

MOVAN my Malawian gardener is a well experienced, hardworking, honest and punctual man looking for part- time job. He works 2 days for me. For his ability and conduct contact me Matalya 082‑857‑8860. Movan 084‑344‑1242 - SI057560

ALICK (MWN) seeks gardening work part-time Monday, Sunday. Ref 083‑266‑7114. Direct 071‑801‑6525 - SI057562

KELVIN (MWN) seeks gardening work full or part-time Mon to Sat, accom. Ref 082‑491‑4361 Donadi. Direct 071‑794‑9229 - SI057578

PERFECT demeanour is cheerful and caring. She is a pleasure to have. Her passion is to look after toddlers and young children. She cooks and prepares delicious meals on daily basis, seeks domestic/ childminding/ frail care/ caregiver/ cooks/ office cleaner work full/ part-time, with/ without accom. Ref 082‑565‑0459 Craig. Direct 083‑484‑3329 - SI057549

WORRIED (MWN) seeks gardening/ general work full/ part-time Mon- Fri. Ref 072‑226‑1387. Direct 062‑266‑0500 - SI057552